Looking forward to 2024; the third weekend of August as usual: August 17th and 18th. Register below to get on our list, and tell other units that you see to let them know the event is happening and we’d like to hear from them.

Roman Units

  • Legio III Cyrenaica

French & Indian War Units




Civil War Units



  • 12th Georgia

Revolutionary War Units



Continental Army

War of 1812 Units

  • US Marine Corps Had to cancel due to modern/active deployments – thank you for your service!
  • 1st NH Volunteer Militia

King Philip’s War Units

  • Benjamin Church’s Company

Required Check-In

Each re-enactor should register at the ticket booth upon arrival (if no one is at the table, check in after you setup). We have medical forms and need to keep track of who is on the field. Thank you for your cooperation!

Yanni’s Pizza is offering 15% off and a free drink if in Kit.