History Alive is offering something new this year!

The theme this year is “The River Runs Through”.   It contains events of interest for all ages.

Since the first inhabitants of our town along the river were Abenaki, we’ll start and end each day with drumming and music about the river and importance of water.

On Saturday Archeologist Robert Goodby will be giving a lively presentation about the artifacts proving that Abenaki have lived here in New Hampshire since thousands of years ago (including a recent discovery along the river in Hillsboro).

Come take a walking tour if you are curious where the railroad came through our town.

Local people will tell stories and show pictures and artifacts about working in the mills and riding/working on the daily trains.

The Kemp Museum and the display of Mack Trucks will be open.

There will be exhibits and a 3D map model of the Contoocook River Watershed made by local high schools years ago and a presentation about the History of the River that runs through.  

Come check out the Franklin Pierce Barbeque oven used to roast the oxen to feed the thousands of visitors during his Presidential inaugural.

Local Abenaki will give hands on demonstrations on how they build birchbark canoes, make ash baskets, do bead work, spin milkweed fiber, and make pottery.

Tours will be led by a Native American finding which wild plants are edible, used as medicine, or have other important uses.

On Friday (June 7) it will be geared for children, with many middle school students coming on a field trip  from the local schools in the morning and in afternoon open to local home schoolers and those wanting a preview of the events.

Then on Saturday (June 8) it will be open to the public with special speakers, exhibits and food.

Put the dates on your calendar!