Hillsborough Center Activities

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Backpack by Bill Gould
Sherri Gould – Basketmaker
Vicki Blanchard – Pottery
Making birchbark canoe

-Discover the real meanings of the Abenaki names given to our rivers and mountains and what the climate was like 250 years ago

-Learn what Indians taught early settlers about surviving in the wilderness wild local plants for food, medicine, and dyes

-Watch Abenaki basket weaving, pottery, birchbark canoe

Hear an Abenaki Singer/songwriter/drummer and storyteller,

-Help local scouts build a wigwam

-Enjoy a cake walk, a drama performed about our ancestors, a parade around the Center led by our local antique cyclist celebrity

-Learn about early baseball and join in a demo

At Jones Roadreenactments will be increased with regiments coming from many states and Canada and lively dancing under the tent will return for Saturday evening.

(All recommended Covid protocols will be followed. Call 478-5650 or see our website: (https://historyalivenh.org)

The Abenaki parts of History Alive was made possible with support from New Hamshire Humanities, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities. Learn more at: www.nhhumanities.org.